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Laura Archer is a Brooklyn based Director and Producer. She is the founder of March Forth Productions, a Theatre and Film production company committed to empowering artists to tell the stories that matter.


Laura favors stories that challenge society’s labels: heartfelt, character driven pieces that look at how people live and why. It is hard to get outsiders to understand and accept others. Yet when an audience is exposed to theatre and film they’re automatically opened to the behind the scenes look at a label. They are forced to see how a character is and not how they appear. They are given someone to empathize with and consequently open their minds to others like that character. These are the stories that matter.


In addition to her love of story Laura also has a deep and abiding love for making things work and forwarding the work of others. You will often find her knee deep in a sea of projects, sorting through budgets, schedules, marketing plans, and whatever odds and ends need putting together. If there’s a puzzle or a problem nearby she’ll be trying to fix it.


Laura is a member of several industry groups including The Lambs, and the Women in Arts and Media Coalition. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Stony Brook University and an MFA in Film Producing from the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College.

When not working she can be found walking the streets of New York photographing sunsets, napping, or watching BBC period dramas.

"Some people see things as they are and say, 'Why'? I dream of things that never were and say, 'Why Not'?" 

-Attributed to G.B. Shaw

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