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Kites Fly East follows Dee, a would-be Special Effects Creature Designer as she navigates the juncture in her 20's when she's deciding what type of adult she should become. She’s not where she wants to be, she doesn’t have the confidence to get there. Everyone is pushing her, but she’s not quite ready to take the leap. It’s when she meets Jack, a washed-up comic book artist, and sees the dark side of where she could end up as an artist that she finally gains the courage to trust her own instincts and imagination. 

This is a film that uses puppets, and marionettes, and cityscapes and movie magic; that draws on a wealth of personal experience to bring the viewer into that crucial point in time where a young adult decides between seeing the world as it is, or striving to create it as it could be. 



Another Day of School Laura's short musical parody screened as at the CUNY FF in May of 2024. THe film was awarded the runner up prize for best Cinematography.

In April of 2024 Laura's short film The Pit screened as part of CUNYTV Presents

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