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March Forth is a theatre and film production company. It was founded in December 2013 and is run by Laura Archer and Eric Webb. Their mission is to Empower Artists to tell the Stories that matter.


March Forth Productions is committed to developing and producing works by artists that expand the aesthetic horizon of theatrical and motion picture storytelling. They seek intrepid storytellers who create visceral and thought-provoking tales without concern for convention or boundaries.


March Forth works to ensure these artists have a safe, supportive, and constructive environment for their art, allowing the movers and shakers of  our industry to become the most they can be. Through the cultivation of their art we create stories that challenge audiences and artists alike to question the world in which they live, giving them the impetus to change it for the better.


In 2014 March Forth officially launched producing. Their first project was the 2014 Summer Reading Salon. Since then they have also produced the new play The Angels of Mons, the web series BE: Bettina & Elaine, several readings and workshops, and Things I Don't Want to Talk About: a hero(ine)'s journey a one woman show on how stories, sexuality, and sexual assault shape a woman's life. 


March Forth is currently working on the second season of BE: Bettina & Elaine, and a collection of short films.


You can find more about March Forth here:

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